Frequently Asked Questions

What Skill Level Is Cheekwood Golf Club Designed For ?

  Cheekwood Golf Club is appropriate for all skill levels. Our world class design includes 4 par 3's and 5 par 4's.

Do I have to Live In Franklin to play or become a member?

Membership is not limited to residents of Franklin. We offer memberships and course play to anyone wherever they hail from.

How Far Are You From Downtown Franklin ?

We are located about 5 to 7 minutes northwest of downtown Franklin and about 8 minutes from the Hwy 65/McEwen exit.

How Are Group Tournaments Scheduled ?

All tournaments can be scheduled with our staff at front desk. They will need to know the date of the tournament, how many players are expected and what additional accommodations might be required.

What is The Dress Code ?

Collared shirts are required on the course at all times. Jeans are allowed only during winter hours.  Golf shoes are preferred.

Do You Allow Walking?

Yes, walking is permitted Monday–Thursday. Friday–Sunday carts are required.

What are the best times for kids to play?

Kids are more than welcome to play anytime if supervised by an adult. However, kids and other beginners may find that Monday–Thursday is less crowded and therefore offers them a better opportunity to play at a pace suitable for their skill level.

Do you offer caddies?

No. At this time we do not offer caddies.

Cart Rules?

You must be 16 years old or older to drive a golf cart on our course. No more than 2 people are allowed to ride on the carts at a time.

What is the average time to play a round?

The average time to play 9 holes is approximately 1.5 hours. We do encourage this speed of play especially when the course is busy.

Do you have a marshal?

We do have marshals Friday–Sunday.

Do you offer snack carts?

Yes. A snack cart is available on Friday-Sunday weather permitting.

What Is The Age Range of Members ?

Cheekwood offers something for everyone. We welcome players of all ages and abilities. We have programs and events for junior players through senior adults.

Are Membership Rates Paid Annually ?

Members can choose to pay monthly or annually. If you would like to register for automatic payments then bring in a voided check and we will set up automatic payments.

Do You Have Programs For Women ?

We have programs geared around women which include the Spring Women's Clinic and our women's league. These are great opportunities to meet new friends, relax, and have fun with other ladies in your area.